Today is Tanya Radochai's last day as a UNICEF representative for Bulgaria 

ALLTERCO received a special recognition for the support of its longtime partner, UNICEF. As a regular donor and benefactor to the causes of UNICEF, ALLTERCO again gave a free contribution for the successful campaign "Future without violence for every child".

In November 2014 bTV and UNICEF jointly launched a social campaign to raise public awareness of the problems with child abuse, its consequences and how to provide support and care for victims. Besides the information and the campaigns that took place, the culmination of the initiative was a charity TV format, which took place on 24th of January 2015. The purpose of the charity concert was to raise funds for building up a "Protection zone” - Advocacy Center and support.The service will be provided in three areas in Bulgaria and will provide health, psychological and legal assistance to children and women who are victims of violence. Basic approach will be environmentally sensitive treatment of the victims and their families, who will work with all the experts gathered in one place (a doctor, a psychologist, a social worker, a lawyer, etc.).

At the same time on 17th of February a meeting was held with the partners of UNICEF for Bulgaria. The event was held in "Radisson" hotel with representatives of institutions, government and business.





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