Samsung's First Tizen Smartphones will appear in Russia and India

Like we already know, Tizen's two biggest backers are Samsung, one of the biggest phone sellers, and Intel, whose chips are great at running things like full Windows, but not so much at Android. Tizen itself is a Linux-based open-source operating system, similar to Android. Tizen was born in 2012, but will be officially launched in 2014. The new OS isn't trying to reinvent smartphones from the bottom up, but Tizen is believed to have great battery life. 


And... It looks like the first Tizen-based Samsung smartphones are almost ready to be released. According to The Wall Street Journal the phones are planned to be launched in Russia and Inida market later this year, may be in June, during the Tizen Developer Conference, which takes place in San Francisco. 

But why only Russia and India? Experts belive, that ithe reason is that Samsung already has a strong presence in these markets, and the company is hoping users will be swayed by the Samsung brand, rather than access to Android and Google apps. It also aims to capture users in India and Russia who don't have smartphones. Like Facebook, Samsung hopes they will become life-long customers.


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