She is the first home automation system with integrated temperature, light, humidity and air purity sensors. In addition, She has a 3G module, Wi-Fi, IR and RF transmitters. If the electricity suddenly stops, She has an up to 5 hours lasting battery.


She is much more than just an automation center. She is a home genie. When we created She, our goal was to provide full comfort to your family. Part of each family’s full comfort is being healthy every day.

In case any of these parameters deviates from the safety measures, She will immediately inform you by sending a notification and SMS to your mobile

That’s why She has a build-in sensor, constantly checking 18 air parameters: secondhand smoke, smoke generated from burning of wood and paper, volatiles of wine (alcohol) and cosmetics, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, propane, methane, styrene, propylene glycol, phenol, acetone, thinner, insecticide, correction fluid, benzene, formaldehyde

She is the first home automation system, which functions as a Wi-Fi router. Working as a 3G and LTE network. She managed to achieve the speed up to 100 MB per second.

The World’s Wi-Fi Smallest Relay Switch

Control power, lights, devices, appliances and more with this tiny remote switch.

Allterco Robotics is ready to make home automation tasks easier and smaller. The Bulgaria-based tech company announced the launch of it’s latest home automation switch: The She Wi-Fi Double Switch With Power Metering.

The single/dual relay wi-fi switch, being touted as the world’s smallest, will easily automate all of your wi-fi enabled devices. It comes in measuring 40x35x16 mm.

While automation is a key feature, with the SHE, you can do more than open blinds, regulate room temperature and control your electronic devices. The SHE Double Switch has power metering. Want to regulate room temperatures based on the current room temperature and time of day? You can do that. You can auto open anything with a motor: rolling shutters, garage doors and curtains.

Energy savings is on the minds of consumers more now than ever and with the She Wi-Fi switches, consumers can notify you of appliances accidentally left on or which ones are consuming more energy than expected. No longer will someone have to leave the house wondering if they left an appliance on. They can remotely check and if so, turn it off. This device is controlled by an app, so tasks can be done manually.

Any device plugged into a socket can be controlled by the switch. It can also be set to automatically react to events such as power outages. The relay switch can work in peer-to-peer communication with other modules.   If you have more than one switch, they can communicate with each other without a central controller. Let’s say you wanted to have your home light automatically turn on and your doors unlock when the garage door opens, you can set that up.

The switch can be used with the complete SHE home automation system or as a stand-alone product.




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