Shelly EYE and Shelly Sens – your home is now secured

Allterco Robotics presented two new devices for home automation

At the CES 2017 stand Allterco Robotics showed new devices for intelligent home control. The new devices are built mainly for home security. 

Shelly EYE is a camera with built-in 3G card and W-Fi. “In case there is motion detected in your home, Shelly EYE automatically records it and sends information to the mobile phone connected with the device. You can always literally see your home, any time you want.” commented Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of Allterco.

The camera works through the home Wi-Fi connection but it also supports 3G SIM card which gives the customer the opportunity to instal Shelly EYE everywhere no matter if you have home network or not. It also has a built-in battery which provides five additional hours if the electricity goes down. The image is 720p and even if the room is dark, there is still quality imaging. The information of the recorded events is 1 month protected.

Shelly Sens is a smart home sensor. Placed in a room, Shelly Sens sends information about motion, temperature, humidity and lighting. The sensor controls Shelly relays so without any additional controllers the end user can turn the lights on during night time if motioon is detected or manage the temperature. Shelly Sens has built-in IR transmitter and can control the AC, the TV or any other device in the room. 

“How many times did you ask yourself - it is cold in here what is the temperature or my throat is dry do we need fresh air here? With Shelly Sens you can now easily just check your mobile phone or ask Amazon Echo or Google Home and you will immediately have an answer” - shares Dimitrov. 

Those new products, as well as MyKi Pet, Myki Watch and Shelly relays, were presented at CES 2017. 

Shelly Sens and Shelly EYE will be on the market by the middle of the year.


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