Allterco Plans to Raise Between BGN 1 Million and BGN 3.2 Million from Its IPO in Bulgaria

10% of our company’s capital or 1.5 million shares will be offered for public trade through IPO in September, announced Allterco’ s CEO Dimitar Dimitrov in the air of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. The Initial public offering of the company’s shares, has been approved by the Financial Supervision Commission in Bulgaria. We hope that this operation will help us raise between BGN 1 million and BGN 3.2 million, added Dimitrov.

In his words, considering the small amount of released shares, the company will not be able to attract the attention of the stock markets outside Bulgaria. Meanwhile, the company is popular mainly in Bulgaria, so the most logical decision for it is to be firstly listed in our country.

Allterco operates on the Balkans, in Asia and in the US, as the company is mainly focused on growing in Eastern Europe, especially in the countries from the Visegrad Group.



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