AT&T is buying DirecTV for $50 billion

The deal is expected very soon and will lead to a great expansion of the TV services of AT&T's. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the $50 billion deal should be close in two weeks.

The purchase would allow AT&T to expand its television impact in the US, an attractive move for the telecommunications company. Like its competitors, AT&T continues to compete with cable companies for customers who want bundled services for TV, broadband, wireless, and home phone. On the other had, DirecTV is the second largest satellite TV provider, with more than 20 million subscribers. 

Both AT&T and DirecTV declined to comment the deal or reveal more details about their merging plans.

The rumours say that the agreement would involve AT&T paying for DirecTV with both cash and stock, valuing the deal around $50 billion, unnamed sources told the Journal. If the merger happens, would result in a combined base of 30 million subscribers.


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