SHELLY - WI-FI Singe and dual relay 

World's smallest Wi-Fi switch with power metering

Control your power lines, sockets, lights, any device with small Wi-Fi relay from anywhere. 




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You Can:

  • Remotely control lights, electronics, and appliances up to 2 x 1500W

  • Power appliances like heating, coffee machines, ovens from everywhere or upon conditions

    and/or events - time, sensors or actions.

  • Save energy by controlling heating and cooling, based on room temperature and the state of

    your house

  • Receive notifications when your washing machine has finished, consumption is more than

    expected or appliances were accidentally left on.

  • You can control remotely any electrical device plugged in the socket.

  • Receive information for current power consumption Delay OFF functionality build-in.

  • React automatically in Emergency events without Hub or Internet connection.

  • Peer-to-Peer communication with other

    Shelly Wi-Fi modules.

  • 3-th Party API is available upon request

  • Can be manually managed by a Push

    button and a serial key.

Shelly and She Compatibility

Shelly and She are both using the same protocols. They are made for one another. For customers who want to have all in one, we offer: 

- multimedia control

- AC control

- RF 315/433 MHz support

- 3G/4G communication

- Local scene logic

- Video surveillance

- 3-d party device support

- Security functionality

She is the perfect choice. Shelly Me accessories will extend the functionality in your home.  



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