Allterco Robotics has one simple goal. We want to make the life of the today person easier. And we are achieving it. With the team of young talented developers, devoted to produce competitive and easy to use products, the end user's dream to live a calmer life is coming true. In two years only, our team built a whole new trend in the Home Automation and Wearable devices. 

In December of 2015, Allterco Robotics introduced the first GPS/GSM watch tracker for kids, called MyKi Watch. Since then, the MyKi family joined MyKi Pet, a device helping pet owners monitor their pets' location at all times through an application. In February 2017, MyKi Touch stepped on the marked - the touchable watch tracker for children with more functions. Today, over 50% of the children in Bulgaria wear MyKi. Both MyKi Watch and Myki Touch are available for the countries all over the world. 

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Another brand of Allterco Robotics is Shelly. Shelly is the first of its kind automation system. The end customer can controll all their appliances, lights  and consumption simply by using their mobile phones. Each product can be used separately without the need of an additional controller. At the same time all products combined can make any home entirely automized. 

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