As a Communications Regulation Commission licensed telecommunications operator of value added services (090) we can offer:

Unified 090 number from all mobile and fixed line networks of the operators in Bulgaria

 Guaranteed high percentage of revenue from your numbers

  Activation within 24 hours and fast pay out of the revenue

 Redirecting calls to your mobile or fixed number, computer, or VoIP telephone

  Receiving calls from an unlimited number of operators according to a time period, work-load, missed call or busy signal

 Voice welcome message and menu prior redirecting the call to an operator

  Call recording

 Option for sending SMS messages to the clients

 Full control over all calls and operators and full statistics, including: 

  • Count and duration of all calls for all your services separately;
  • Duration of all calls and an average call duration;
  • Count and duration of received calls to each redirected GSM number;
  • Missed calls and busy tone;
  • Maximum work-load of your services;
  • Due sum for the current period of time;
  • According to your preferences your operators can or cannot view the sum they've generated from calls and messages.

  Charging per minute or per call from 0,50 to 2,40 BGN. 



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