ALLTERCO develops and maintains mobile and PC information portals for the mobile operators with distinguished attractive qualities and optimized fashionable design for smartphones, full content management and assistance, as well as branding according to the mobile operators requirements.

The mobile portal allows the subscribers to purchase content for their cell phones from any kind:



 Tunes  Java Games  Music

 RBT   Android games  VoD Streaming

 Pictures  Video  Animations

 Smartphone applications  MMS greetings etc.




In addition, ALLTERCO supports a full package of information services:

News: : Local and Worldwide, Weather, Lifestyle, Culture, Football, Basketball, Formula 1, Handball etc.

Useful and Entertainment: , Diets, Horoscope, Greetings, Erotic tease etc

All services are available for the mobile operator's subscribers for free, against one time payment, or subscription.


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