ALLTERCO is the largest provider of SMS services in Bulgaria. With one of our platforms you can select the most appropriate ways of communication with your clients, or mobile advertising of your business. More than 150 institutions use the SMS center of ALLTERCO - including large banks across the country, the chain stores Metro and brands like Milka. Contact our representatives and chose the most suitable platform for you and means of communication for your business: SMS Notifications, SMS Promotions or MobiMark.

A mobile marketing is each means of communication that a mobile device uses in order to communicate promotions, advertising or information for certain clientele.
   SMS messages are a personal way of reaching each client
   More than 95% of the people read their SMS messages
   Messages are saved on the device and could be reread
   The SMS is a discrete form of communication and causes minimal discomfort 

   The SMS is very efficient form of communication



Advantages for your business:

  Increase of sales
  Increase of loyal clients
  Gathering a client database
  Opportunity for specific client targeting
  Efficient campaigns at a reasonable price
  Change in the attitude client - product/service
  Monitoring over user activity


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